Welcome to the 4th Dimension

4th Dimension Business Travel Consulting (4D) represents the next generation of advisory services for the travel industry.

We are a business consulting service with a proven track record in helping a wide range of businesses and industry professionals with their travel procurement needs. Clients range from the SME market through to large, global corporations where we achieve outstanding results in their travel program.

The 4D team includes highly experienced travel, finance and procurement professionals. Our people are industry change leaders not followers of traditional solutions. We offer innovative strategies and outsourcing solutions designed to meet the complex demands of the continually evolving procurement market.

The 4D global team is supported by an international network and best-in-market local and global technologies.

We’re committed to developing long term, sustainable outcomes and our focus is on delivering solutions that generate significant return on your investment in travel.


4D Business Travel Consulting work collaboratively with your business to develop tailored strategies of your business travel activities to ensure the best return on investment possible. Our team of business consultants, take a strategic approach to developing customised solutions based on your requirements.

There are four dimensions that underpin our offering:

     assess, discover, benchmark
    – negotiate smarter deals for your business
    – take best practice to the next level, including bespoke solutions
    thought leadership and advisory service